Review: Diane Capri’s new hero on the hunt in action-packed Blood Trails


By G. Robert Frazier

Diane Capri may be best known for her spinoff thriller series based on another best-selling writer’s character (you’ve heard of Jack Reacher, right?), but she also authors several series featuring her own excellent cast of characters. The latest, and perhaps best of the bunch, is Michael Flint, who holds the unlikely occupation of heir hunter in Capri’s new book, Blood Trails.


Blood Trails

Blood Trails
Thomas & Mercer
ISBN: 978-1503939950
Published 10/4/16

Heir hunters are basically private eyes who track down and find people who may be in line to collect a substantial windfall from wills, property transfers, or unclaimed mineral rights. (Apparently, heir hunters are a thing.)


A forensic genealogist and former covert agent specializing in high-end investigations, Flint is enlisted to track down Laura Oakwood who is in line for a $50 million payout for her mineral rights if she signs on the dotted line before a looming deadline. All Flint has to do is find her and, if he can, keep her alive long enough to collect. Problem is, Laura doesn’t want to be found. Not after she participated in an armed robbery nearly thirty years ago in which an innocent victim was killed. If found, she could still be tried and convicted of the crime.

Complicating things are a pair of greedy Texas oil barons hot to scoop up her property, Sebastian Shaw and Felix Crane. Shaw, at least, wants to do the right thing and actually hires Flint for his services. Crane, though, would just as soon as see Laura dead so that he can claim the property as his. To that end, Crane hires an assortment of goons to undermine Flint’s efforts at every turn.

Blood Trails moves at a steady clip, combining old-fashioned gumshoe work and intense action scenes – such as a thrilling helicopter crash-landing and a kill-or-be-killed shootout. A New York Times and USA Today bestselling author, Capri writes crisp, yet detailed prose, creating an air of realism not seen in many thrillers. Flint, who is haunted by his own past, is a highly skilled and likable protagonist you’d want on your side.


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