Review: The Talented Ribkins a bizarre story about an unusually gifted family

By G. Robert Frazier


The Talented Ribkins

Melville House 
ISBN 9781612196367 
Published 08/08/2017

Seventy-two-year-old Johnny Ribkins has a unique gift: He can create maps to places he’s never been and remember his way to other locations by simply referring to the “map” in his mind. If the premise sounds a bit unusual, wait until you meet the rest of the family. First-time novelist Ladee Hubbard has created a collection of misfits like no other in The Talented Ribkins.


Each member of this black family is imbued with their own special ability, whether it’s being able to climb walls, catch any object hurled at them or spit fire. Not exactly Avengers or X-Men material, mind you, but fascinating nevertheless.

Read my full review at BookPage.


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