The Martian is smart, often tedious, tale of survival


I’m joining the masses at the movies today to take in the movie version of this book. In the meantime, here’s my review of Andy Weir’s runaway hit that I did back in Decebmer 2014.


by G. Robert Frazier

The Martian by Andy Weir isn’t lacking for quality reviews on the Internet, so it was a little surprising to find the book was available for a free read in exchange for an honest review on Blogging for Books. Already a New York Times Bestseller, the book really doesn’t need my two cents worth, but I’m happy to oblige.

The MartianThe book follows the plight of astronaut Mark Watney who is left for dead on Mars by the rest of his crew following an emergency liftoff in the midst of a dust storm. Watney makes clear throughout that his fellow astronauts had no choice but to abandon him or perish themselves. Still, that leaves Watney to fend for himself or die.

Why Matt Damon really wanted to do The Martian

Watney, who is The Martian in this case, is a botanist by occupation and he uses his…

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