Today’s Best Writing & Reading on the Web

Every day I scour my Facebook feed for interesting articles and tips related to writing. I usually find a dozen or so articles that I open in separate tabs or bookmark to be read as I find time. Some of these articles are one-time only reads, meaning I’ll read the article and then close it and move on to something else. Sometimes I will bookmark the articles for future reference, particularly if they contain valuable writing advice or tips to markets.

As a writer and an avid reader, some of these articles are too good to keep to myself. So, starting today, I’m going to pass along links to some of the best reads I’ve come across.

The first item is from a panel discussion at this past weekend’s annual ThrillerFest in New York, about how the medical thriller has been more or less replaced by the medical drama:

Is the medical thriller in need of life support?

The next item explores the lifelong story of the original author of the Nancy Drew detective series:

The original ghost writer behind Nancy Drew set standard for YA fiction

I’ve been waiting for this one: the new online issue of Killer Nashville magazine. Always some interesting reading about writing, authors, books and more:

Killer Nashville Magazine – June/July

These next two are useful articles on the craft of writing:

How to create tension in your writing – from

How to pace a crime novel – from

For all the screenwriters out there, be sure to listen to the newest episode from John August. In this episode he uses examples from existing scripts to show how to write effective descriptions:

Everything but the dialogue

And lastly, here’s a helpful article for your writer’s toolbox on describing your character’s hair:

53 Adjectives to Describe Your Character’s Hair  – from The Writer’s Circle

Feel free to add your best writing and reading-related finds in the comments below.


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