Following is a list and links to all of my book reviews. I currently review books for Blogging for Books, Killer Nashville, and BookPage. My goal in writing the reviews is to learn from them. What worked for the author, what worked for the writer of the screenplay, etc., and to help you find new authors worth reading.

FYI: While I appreciate requests for reviews from writers, I regret that I do not have the time to spare on any extra reading beyond these organizations and my own personal library of books.

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  4. Hi, I hope I’m sending my request the right way. I’m interested in having you review my new ebook entitled, THE TWINS: A PSYCHOLOGICAL THRILLER. It’s on Kindle (epub). The piece is part of a trilogy. I would love for you to review section one of book one. It weighs in at 22,000 words.

    Thirteen-year-old Stacey and Jannifer McHill, who are identical twins, celebrated their birthday with family and friends at their parent’s lavish estate in Shreveport, Louisiana…. The day started off magically, but it ended in unspeakable violence. After the twins birthday party, the McHill family became victims of a vicious home invasion that left Mr. and Mrs. McHill dead and the twins severely traumatized. After two years of therapy, Stacey and Jannifer were sent to Harlem, N.Y. to live with their maternal aunt.

    And so it began

    Three years to the day of that vicious home invasion and on the twins sixteenth birthday the body of a young man was found on a rooftop of a housing complex in Harlem. The next day the body of a prominent lawyer was found dead inside an apartment in Harlem, then the son of an award-winning actor body was found desecrated in a seedy motel.The first responders were all shocked at the manner in which these bodies were displayed. Thus began a series of murders that would shock the people of New York City.

    Assigned to the case was Detective Isis Williams, who had the highest arrest and conviction rate the department has seen in over twenty-five years.

    Detective Williams has engaged in a hunt, a hunt that promises to push her past the threshold of depression. She’s on the hunt for two of the most dangerous, elusive, and youngest serial killers she has ever encountered, and it’s going to take all of her skills as a NYPD detective to track down…Sixteen-year-old Stacey and Jannifer McHill…THE TWINS

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    • Sounds like a great read. However, I currently have a full plate when it comes to reviews. I read for Blogging for Books, Killer Nashville and BookPage, so that leaves me little time to read other outside books right now. I wish you the best with your book.


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