January 2014

January was a busy month in my writing career. I made a resolution to write something fresh each day (this has been a problem because I am finding that I am somewhat of a procrastinator) and to read each day (not a problem because my nose is always in a book or magazine or comic). So, herewith is my monthly log of what I accomplished (or didn’t accomplish) towards my goals:

What I wrote:

  • worked on plotting my mystery/thriller novel
  • started new short story (2,000 words)

What I read:

  • 45 scripts in Nashville Film Festival screenwriting competition
  • started reading The O’Brien Brothers by William A. Johnstone
  • finished reading “A Careful Man Dies” by Ray Bradbury; “The Tooth” by Shirley Jackson; “Smoke Ghost” by Fritz Leiber; “Hell” by Richard Christian Matheson; “The Shaggy House” by Joe R. Lansdale; “The Book of Webster’s” by J.N. Williamson, all part of the Urban Horrors anthology edited by William F. Nolan and Martin H. Greenberg [Daw, April 1993].
  • “Jack Be Nimble” by David Edgerley Gates; “King Cade” by Joan Druett (both in Alfred Hitchcock Mystery Magazine, March 2014)
  • “Living Rooms” by Laurie Tom (L. Ron Hubbard’s Writers of the Future Vol. XXVI)
  • “James Penney’s New Identity” by Lee Child; “Operation Northwoods” by James Grippando; “Epitaph” by J.A. Konrath (all in Thriller, edited by James Patterson)
  • “Detour” by Nina Fortmeyer; “The Unanswered Call” by Nikki Nelson-Hicks; “Street Wine” by Susan Burdorf; “Phantom of the Opry: A Country Western Noir” by A. Jay Lee (all in Nashville Noir: Paranormal Mysteries in the Music City)

What I did:

  • attended Nashville Writers Meetup Chat
  • attended Nashville SciFi/Fantasy Writers Group (with guest author Christie Golden of Star Trek and Star Wars fame)
  • attended MTSU Writers Loft Workshop
  • visited Frist Center for the Arts to view Norman Rockwell exhibit (not a writing event, but cool nonetheless).

1 thought on “January 2014

  1. I made it to the Frist in time for the Pulitzer Prize Winning Photos exhibit back I think three years, Gary. The exhibit rocked as you, my fellow newsman can appreciate, but the Museum itself is really great, too, isn’t it? Do you ever visit the library that Phil built? (That’s a riddle for ya). I loved, loved, loved that place!


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