Review: Ketchum presents more subtle shocks in The Secret Life of Souls

by G. Robert Frazier

If you’re a fan of author Jack Ketchum, you probably expect cannibals and sadistic backwoods tribes to cause trouble for hapless victims in isolated situations. He built his reputation on such novels with the likes of The Girl Next Door, Off Season, and The Offspring. His newest book, however, shirks his tendency for over-the-top brutality for more subtle, psychological shocks.

The-Secret-Life-of-Souls-CoverCo-written by Lucky McKee, The Secret Life of Lost Souls ($24.95, Pegasus Books) follows the life of eleven-year-old child star Delia Cross and her dog, Caity.

Delia’s natural ability to wow both producers and directors on set, coupled with her young age, make her the perfect target of her parents, who take advantage of her and milk her earnings for their own personal gain.

A playful prank gone awry by Delia’s twin brother, Robbie, quickly changes everything.

Read the complete review at Killer Nashville.


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