Drunks, rapists, incompetent basketball coaches: an excerpt

“You have any enemies?” Chief Gray asked.

“None that ever wanted to dump a body on my lawn,” Kramer said, his gaze drifting to a framed photograph of his father on the mantel. The glass had been shattered by a ricochet, but the picture itself was still intact.

“But you do have enemies?” the chief persisted.

“Well, more like disgruntled readers,” Kramer said.

“What would they have to be upset about?”

“The Democrat reports a lot of crime stories. Lot of people don’t like it when we put their name out there for the world to see. Drunks. Rapists. Incompetent basketball coaches. We get a lot of complaints from people who didn’t get their paper delivered.”

– excerpt from River’s End by G. Robert Frazier



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