Twitter Fiction Fest: ‘Sound Off’ begins Wednesday

What happens when everyone in the world loses their hearing all at once? When no sound can be heard? How will people communicate? And who, or what, is behind the noise blackout?

Those are the questions presented to my characters in my story “Sound Off,” which makes its debut this week as part of the #TwitterFictionFest.

Follow me @grfrazier23 to get in on the action from the beginning and follow my characters’ tweets @LtSpencer @ChiefFlax and @Spencer_Ev

The story will unfold over several days beginning Wednesday evening.

But if you don’t have time to keep track or want to wait and read the story all in one place, I plan to post all of the tweets in chronological order here on my blogsite.

My characters have already started chatting among themselves prior to the official start of the story:

To be continued…


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