The Adventure Begins…

Welcome to Adventures in Writing.

I started this blog site this past summer but found I didn’t really know where I was going with it. After a few posts, the blog became an afterthought while I pursued other things, such as conducting job searches so that I could keep my unemployment checks coming. (Hoping the government will quit dragging its feet and approve an extension of unemployment benefits soon!) 

The past summer did afford some time to work on a few projects, including a pair of short story submissions to Writer’s Digest and brainstorming for my novel. I attended the Writer’s Digest/Screenwriters World Conference in sunny Los Angeles in August and spent hours on the computer reading articles and listening to webinars on the art of writing and screenwriting. Last month, I attended my first Nashville Writers Meetup event with the novelist group, and plan to continue networking and building new relationships with my fellow writers in 2014. I became a reader for the Nashville Film Festival’s first-ever screenwriting competition, and I am assisting one of my colleagues in editing an anthology of stories about werewolves. So, I’ve definitely kept busy the last few months.

I’ve identified a number of contests to enter my writing in this year, and set some rather lofty goals towards getting published. Among my goals for the new year is making this blog more of a priority  as well, to not only document my progress as a writer but to also vent, if you will, about the many challenges this writing life presents. Hopefully in doing so, I may be able to share some tips and tricks I’ve learned along the way. I encourage the writers among you to chime in with your advice and questions as well. Writing is a lonely business, but the rewards are numerous.

I’ve still got a lot to learn about this WordPress thing, so hopefully I can continue to pretty up this site for you readers as the blog progresses. Come along for the adventure, if you dare … 


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